AMS OOS SILKS, 2022: NO BIRTH WITHOUT PAIN. Within unpredictability, embrace must be received. A push is the only avenue to sort a continuum. The AMS - OOS Silks are a merge of our individual practices and respective experiences through natural dyes. Ignited by a mutually inspired meeting just after Tajah’s birthday, we started quickly, before other events in our year— loss, injury, travel, heartache —drew space. With no choice but to embrace it, we allowed introspection, intuition, rumination to marinate and the results were rich — a luxurious emblem of trust in timing. 100% silk dyed in naturally sourced and extracted woods, painted with natural pigment + homemade soymilk bath. 20 x 20 in. Silks may be worn in a multitude of ways, hung in a frame, or in the light. Handle with loving care.

$ 111.00 USD