a search for meaning proceeds momentum. what is the incentive for your pursuits - Pleasure, Power, Purpose? Enlightenment, Engagement, Expression? Activation, Adventure, Attainment? whatever your concern, to engage potential and proclaim a space within vastness is our "IT", our "WHY". many times, this is unbeknownst to ourselves, cloaked in the "yes" and "no" that seems natural for something...else, only making sense as we look backward in deep reflection, archive reclamation, story-sharing, and witnessing time, over and over, again and again. other times, it is a conscious pursuit, "I need," "I want," and "I must," a deterministic quality that cannot be turned off until - it does. Every nerve buzzing, never-ending, keep on going, stand up, let go, move on. the paper trials and impressions we leave behind, the versions of ourselves we are more of now than we could have ever been then. Listening to that call, itching that nerve, BURST. So what happens when you are changed from your choices but before there is enough evidence for your trial? Having transcended boundaries, perceptions, and expectations, you are granted permission, mercy, and release to reboot. This visual corroboration of three is a testament to the act of pursuit despite, in response, or potentially in alignment with the surrender and acceptance of a trial that has not ended but has shifted. Different. Fresh. Merciful. Still agitated, but not by the same source. Each of these three dresses has been stamped by 16"x16" hand weaves, over-dyed by various dye matter, including indigo, sappanwood, and osage. Each garment has been hand sewn by Cashmere Kelly. One of one, all three.

$ 750.00 USD