Birthed and based in Brooklyn, New York with ancestral ties and agricultural resources coming from Belize, Central America, Out of Seam encompasses the re/deconstruction experience of fibers, textiles and garments utilizing organic plant matter to naturally color shift clothing. We create intentional, one of one pieces made exclusively for the supporter in mind.

Experimentation is the emphasis within our creative approach. Our alignment with skilled artisans is the core of our function. Each product is an exercise of the experience. We create continuity between craftsman and supporters by lifting the veil and emphasizing the flow state of a garment through the circulation of its life forms.

Tangible results are attained through our consideration for the individuality of each piece and person. We source, cut, sew, and construct functional items through design and technique. We are informed by limitless tools and interpretations to transmute resources and raw materials. We execute interpreted suggestions for a raw, personalized fit and feel. We provide opportunities and resources for the various elements of our team.

We grant others the opportunity to have their own options.